Dates and Topics 2021

February 21–27, 2021 (rescheduled as OMInar)

Medical Quality and Safety

Ron Keren, MD, MPH

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

March 7–13, 2021 (cancelled)

Global Health: Neurological and Sensory Disorders:
Genes, Pathogenesis and Innovative Therapies

Aziz El Amraoui, PhD

Institut Pasteur

April 18–24, 2021 (rescheduled as OMInar)

Medical Education

Beth Rezet, MD

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

July 18–24, 2021

Global Health: Viruses, Liver and Cancers

Jean-Pierre Vartanian

Institut Pasteur

November 21–27, 2021 (rescheduled as OMInar)

Health Communication and Health Promotion:
From Theory to Practice

Hein de Vries, PhD
Ilse Mesters, PhD

Maastricht University

November 28–December 4, 2021 (rescheduled as OMInar)

Public Health Law

Katarzyna Czabanowska, Dr. habil.
Scott Burris, JD, AB

Maastricht University