OMI e-learning

The Open Medical Institute (OMI) provides online educational resources and learning tools. The OMI Handbook Online gives the OMI alumni free access to the content of the OMI seminars in Salzburg, which include didactic lectures, workshop materials, and case presentations. The OMI Case Library is a collection of excellent cases presented by the OMI fellows and edited by the OMI faculty members. The content of the OMI’s webinar series, OMInars, can also be accessed via the platform. CHOP’s Online Pediatric Education Network (OPEN) provides free up-to-date pediatric medical knowledge presented during the pediatric seminars in Salzburg. We are grateful to the Leir Foundation for their generous support of this program.

OMI Handbook Online

Contains all OMI seminars in Salzburg


OMI Case Library

Excellent clinical cases presented by OMI fellows and edited by OMI faculty members


Highly interactive webinars including state-of-the-art lectures and live Q&A sessions


Free up-to-date
pediatric medical education