OMI Governing Board

The Open Medical Institute (OMI) is a program of the American Austrian Foundation (AAF). The OMI governing board oversees the OMI’s management and plans its strategic, future growth. OMI board members include physicians from the OMI’s academic partners as well as healthcare experts and donors.


Wolfgang Aulitzky, MD

Deputy CEOs

Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH

James M. Callahan, MD

Managing Director

Stephanie Faschang

Stephanie Faschang


Margaret Crotty

Pablo G. Legorreta

Stephen Ludwig, MD

Alexander von Perfall

Nancy G. Wolf, MD, PhD

Ex officio

Thomas J. McGrath

Robert P. Wessely

Katharine Eltz-Aulitzky

Rebeca Águilar-Alvarez de Sáenz

Rebeca Águilar-Alvarez de Sáenz