American Austrian Foundation

The American Austrian Foundation (AAF), Inc. is a US non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1984 to enhance the relationship between the United States and Austria through exchanges in medicine, culture and the arts. The AAF has grown from a bilateral initiative to a multilateral, international institution partnering with non-governmental organizations, governments and individuals. The organization’s budget is drawn from public and private sources. The AAF’s board of directors consists of committed individuals from business, law, medicine and public service.


Thomas McGrath



Robert Wessely


Karl-Heinz Faber


Stephen M. Harnik

Executive Director

Katharine Eltz-Aulitzky

Executive Committee

Wolfgang Aulitzky, MD
Margaret Crotty
Karl-Heinz Faber
Pablo Legorreta
Thomas McGrath
Robert Wessely


Wolfgang Aulitzky, MD
Madeline Bell
Mathias Bostrom, MD, FACS
James M. Callahan,  MD
Margaret Crotty
Amb. William Eacho III
Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhil
Hugh Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD
Michael I. Koch
Pablo G. Legorreta
Gregor Medinger
Alexander von Perfall
Zev Rosenwaks, MD
Peter Schlegel, MD, FACS
Cynthia D. Sculco, RN, EdD
Gerhard Seebacher
Daisy M. Soros
Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH
Barbara Tober
Nancy G. Wolf, MD, PhD

Honorary Trustees

Hon. W. L. Lyons Brown, Jr.
Hon. Kathryn Walt Hall
Hon. Ronald S. Lauder
Hon. Susan R. McCaw