OMI Satellite Symposia

OMI satellite symposia are medical conferences, which take place in OMI fellows’ home countries. They last for two days and are a great opportunity for OMI alumni to host OMI faculty members. The conferences typically include four to six didactic lectures, case presentations, hospital visits and round table discussions and aim to reach a larger audience of local physicians and healthcare professionals.

Satellite Symposia


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to organize an OMI Satellite Symposium?

OMI alumni may apply to host an OMI satellite symposium. The conference is organized in conjunction with the OMI and the OMI local coordinator.

How can I apply for hosting an OMI Satellite Symposium? Which steps do I have to take to organize an OMI Satellite Symposium?

If you are interested in hosting an OMI satellite symposium, please fill out the preliminary application form and return it by email. Organizers are advised to submit their applications as early as possible and include a program and a budget proposal to the OMI for approval. Once the proposal has been approved, the organizers may proceed with the planning. They must secure the location for the conference and arrange for the faculty’s accommodation and a social event. They are also responsible for promoting the conference locally. The OMI coordinates faculty travel.

When should an OMI Satellite Symposium take place?

An OMI satellite symposium should take place directly before or after an OMI seminar in Salzburg to save on travel time for international faculty.

Where should an OMI Satellite Symposium take place?

An OMI satellite symposium should be held at the hospital or university of the OMI alumni.

How many participants should attend an OMI Satellite Symposium?

Ideally, there should be between 30 and 40 participants, but not more than 70, otherwise the opportunity for discussion is very limited.

Who will cover the expenses?

The OMI will sponsor travel and accommodation for up to two international faculty members. The local organizers need to cover local expenses, e.g. announcements, programs, social events, and coffee breaks. Ideally, they are able to raise local funds to cover these costs.

Who will contact the OMI faculty?

The OMI will contact the OMI faculty members to determine their interest and their ability to travel.

How is an OMI satellite symposium structured?

A typical OMI satellite symposium consists of four to six didactic lectures held by OMI faculty, a round table discussion between the OMI and local faculty, case presentations, and a hospital visit. Cases should be submitted for pre-selection four weeks before the OMI satellite symposium. There is a schedule template for the OMI satellite symposium available in the download section.

Printed materials

Before any materials (programs, documents, flyers etc.) are printed and distributed, please send a draft to the OMI for review. The OMI logo must be included in the programs, schedules, certificates, and handouts.


The OMI will provide local organizers with a template for certificates, which should be signed by the OMI faculty members and local organizers.


Fill out the preliminary organization form and send it via email to satellite.symposia@​