AAF Bilateral Exchange Programs

The American Austrian Foundation (AAF) offers several bilateral exchange programs for medical students and professionals.

Andlinger Fellowships

Max Kade Fellowships

Humes Visiting Professorships

Andlinger Residency Exchange

Through the Andlinger Residency Exchange Program, the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) awards fellowships to outstanding American and Austrian medical residents. The program aims to encourage an exchange between the OMI academic partners and supports training for Austrian medical residents in the United States and for American medical residents in Austria. The program supplements the residents’ education and broadens their experience through exposure to a foreign healthcare system.

American and Austrian medical residents in their third or fourth year of training are eligible to apply for the program. The sending and/or the hosting institution must be OMI academic partners. The rotation should last a minimum of 2 weeks. The fellowship is a general stipend of USD 2,000. Fellows are responsible for their own arrangements, such as travel, insurance, housing, and correspondence with their mentor.

The fellowship program is named after Mr. Gerhard R. Andlinger, a successful American businessman with Austrian roots and a trustee of the AAF who generously supported it since its inception in 1992. To date, more than 185 medical residents from Austria and the United States have successfully participated in this bilateral exchange.

Judith Stangl-Kremser, MD, PhD (Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria)

Judith Stangl-Kremser, MD, PhD (Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria)

Andlinger Fellow at University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center

»Spending more than a year as a fellow abroad, I learned about translational science and its application in urologic oncology. This helped me gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of research that is of great relevance for my clinical practice. I also gained a broader understanding of other cultures and the opportunity to discuss and share ideas. This adds invaluable experience to my personal and professional life. In summary, the fellowship strengthened my ambition and motivation for further development.«


Please submit the following documents via email:

  • Application form
  • CV with a recent photo
  • Statement of purpose (one page)
  • Signed letter of recommendation from the sending institution
  • Confirmation of the hosting institution

Applicants will be notified, if they are accepted for the fellowship, within 4 weeks upon receiving all necessary application documents. The stipend is paid in two installments: the first part will be transfered upon receipt of a flight booking confirmation and the second part will be transfered upon receipt of a final report at the end of the fellowship.


Applications can be submitted any time.

Only complete application documents are considered!


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 Max Kade Clinical Clerkships

The Max Kade Clinical Clerkships Program, jointly funded by the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) and the Max Kade Foundation, offers a one-month clinical-exchange in Austria or the United States for American and Austrian medical students from our partnering medical schools. The program aims to supplement the students’ education and broaden their experience by exposing them to a foreign culture and healthcare system.

American students
American students may participate during their fourth year of study. Rotations in Austria differs from the U.S. , as they are largely unstructured and require students to take more initiative to communicate with doctors and residents. In addition to the daily rotation, the clerkship offers a broad social event program, including joint meetings with our Open Medical Institute (OMI) observers (physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, who are invited for a month-long clinical or research observership). This gives students the opportunity to learn about healthcare not only in Austria, but also in countries in transition.

The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship provides a travel stipend, pocket money, as well as accommodation during a one-month rotation in Vienna, Austria. In addition, a weekly German class is offered to the participants. The fellowship does not cover meals or incidental expenses. If you plan to travel on weekends, you should have personal funds available.

Austrian students
The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program in the U.S. offers Austrian medical students the possibility to experience how first-hand medicine is practiced and taught at leading American medical universities. The Anglo-American didactics significantly differs from the teaching methods at Austrian universities, which provides students with a new perspective on medical education and learning methods. The Max Kade Clinical Clerkship provides a travel scholarship and a medical rotation in the U.S. Students must cover all additional expenses themselves. Please refer to the Experience Guide for information and recommendations from former Max Kade fellows.

Clerkships are available at the following institutions:

Tammy Tarhini, (George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA)

Tammy Tarhini, (George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA)

Max Kade Fellow at Medical University of Vienna

»The Max Kade Fellowship gave us a rare opportunity to experience a different healthcare system and patient population, as well as immerse ourselves in Austrian culture and everyday life. Every such opportunity to broaden our horizons is valuable in creating empathetic and competent future physicians.«

Apply (American Students)

Please submit the following documents via email:

  • Application form
  • CV
  • List of Publications
  • Official Student Transcript
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Essay

The application deadline for 2025 will expire on Friday, September 1, 2024.

Max Kade Clinical Clerkship dates for 2025:

February 3 – 27, 2025
March 3 – 28, 2025
April 2 – 29, 2025

Apply (Austrian Students)


  • Austrian students should apply in their 5th year of medical school in order to complete a clinical clerkship in the US during their final (6th) year of medical school.
  • Candidates need to apply 6-12 months in advance.
  • Participants must be enrolled at their home university as medical students for the duration of their rotation in the US.
  • Eight weeks of core clerkships in the following specialties must be completed prior to the application at our US partner institution or before the start of your stay in the US: Internal Medicine | Surgery | Obstetrics/Gynecology | Pediatrics and Psychiatry. On the application form, please state all core clerkships that you have completed by the time of your application and all core clerkships that you are planning to complete before your fellowship.
  • Applicants need to provide proof of perfect English skills through an official English certificate (TOEFL iBT, Cambridge Certificate, IELTS or Matura diploma) or be an English native speaker.

Please submit the following documents via email:

  • Application Form (page 1, 2 and 3)
  • Official Transcript of Records
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Application Essay
  • Updated CV

After the application deadline, the AAF selects candidates and assigns them to our partner institutions. Selected students have to apply directly to their assigned host institution six months in advance to their fellowship and need to fulfill all requirements from the designated host institution. These can differ slightly depending on each institution. The requirement criteria can be found on the institution’s websites. The TOEFL test is necessary only for some institutions. Exact fellowship dates depend upon the host institution and cannot be changed.

The application deadline for the Summer Semester 2025 is September 1, 2024.
Only complete applications will be considered! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



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Humes Visiting Professorships

The Humes Visiting Professorship Program was established to strengthen the relationship between American and Austrian Open Medical Institute (OMI) faculty, who jointly conduct the OMI seminar program. This bilateral exchange is awarded annually by a committee of experts (AAF Medical Steering Committee and AAF Board of Trustees) and must be completed within five years of acceptance. Only a course director and the corresponding co-course director of an OMI seminar are eligible for the program. Furthermore, at least three residents and attending physicians from the award recipients’ institutions should also visit each other through the Andlinger Residency Exchange Program.

Humes Visiting Professors visit each other’s institutions and give a minimum of two lectures on cutting edge developments in their field, grand rounds with residents and attending physicians, and a session with case presentations. Recipients schedule the visit themselves and submit the schedule to the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) for documentation purposes. It is hoped that the Humes Visiting Professorships will lead to activities between the academic institutions beyond the five-year period. The AAF will support such activities on a case by case basis.

The program is a bequest by the estate of the late AAF trustee and Cornell Medical University graduate, Dr. Jean Humes, in memory of her husband, John P. Humes, a former U.S. ambassador to Austria and the first president of the AAF. Since its inception in 1990, 49 Humes Visiting Professorships have been awarded in multiple medical specialties.

J. Lloyd Michener, MD (Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, USA)

J. Lloyd Michener, MD (Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, USA)

Humes professor at the Medical university of vienna

»The Humes Professorship visit was a rewarding and enjoyable personal experience. The work of the Austrian general practitioners is most impressive and notable; the breadth of the department and Center of Public Health is also quite considerable and remarkable.«


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