Medical Leadership 2.0

Sep 25, 2020

One of the Open Medical Institute’s primary goals is to stem brain drain and promote brain gain. In order to achieve brain gain, we rely on the OMI fellows to act as multipliers, sharing the knowledge they acquired in Salzburg with colleagues and peers when they return home. Sharing knowledge is a cornerstone of the Anglo-Saxon educational tradition which we value. The OMI leadership program equips the OMI fellows with the tools to be effective teachers, enabling them not only to be an individual practitioner, but also to oversee and supervise others.

Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel this year’s in-person Medical Leadership Seminar, but from September 23 to 24, 2020, the OMI ran a two-day Medical Leadership OMInar, which was a great success. The highly interactive online course was led by Drs. Evan S. Fieldston, Patricia A. DeRusso, Steven G. Docimo, and Scott Switalski from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). 40 fellows from 26 different countries, who were selected out of 600 applicants, met with leading experts and discussed the following topics over the course of 10 hours:

  • Leadership Challenges and Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Promoting Change
  • Vision & Motivation
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meetings & Retreats
  • Coaching and Feedback

One of the most remarkable parts of this CME accredited course was its interactive nature, reflected by 1,086 chat messages. The fellows’ evaluations made clear how much valuable information they received during the webinar and how thankful they were to be a part of it. The OMI thanks the CHOP faculty for their commitment to “Medical Education beyond Borders”, especially in this challenging time, where leadership skills are needed more than ever.

Note: The OMI leadership program provides complementary education in areas which are important for successful medical leadership, medical education, and public health. It is designed to enable the OMI alumni to take leading positions in the healthcare systems of their home countries. Click here for further information on the offered OMI Leadership Courses.