A Week of Growth: OMI Seminar in Medical Quality and Safety

May 17, 2024

This week the OMI had the honor of hosting a transformative seminar on medical quality and safety. The seminar was a remarkable blend of knowledge sharing, collaborative learning, and professional development. Our course director, Dr. Ron Keren, OMI partner for nineteen years and a passionate advocate for global health improvement, shares with us his motivation for dedicating his time and expertise to OMI seminars. He emphasized the universal importance of health and wellbeing:

“Health and wellbeing are universal priorities for people of all nations. The Open Medical Institute brings together doctors from nearly every continent to learn how to improve the care and outcomes for the citizens of their countries. It provides a unique environment for exchange of ideas, learning, and growth, and reminds us that although we come from different backgrounds, we have much more in common than differences, and much to learn from one another.”

His words resonate deeply with our OMI leadership program, which the Medical Quality and Safety seminar is a part of. As an OMI leadership seminar, most attendees were OMI alumni. Our leadership program enables fellows to take leadership positions in their healthcare systems back home and has the goal to provide complementary education in key areas of medical education often overlooked by specialists. Emphasized by Dr. Keren’s words, the program set a tone of unity and collaboration that carried through the entire seminar.

Dr. Keren is none other than the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Our course director was accompanied by Dr. Meghan Galligan, Medical Director of CHOP’s Patient Safety program and the Center for Diagnostic Excellence; Dr. Jessica Hart, Director of Quality and Safety for Graduate Medical Education at CHOP; and Dr. Daniel Hyman, Chief Safety and Quality Officer at CHOP. Fellows had a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience such expertise together.

The seminar focused on equipping participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive improvement in healthcare quality and safety. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering several key areas: The Science of Improvement, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Model for Improvement, Psychology of Behavior Change, and Change Management. Dr. Keren states:

“During this week’s course, fellows learned about the science of improvement, so that they can return to their countries equipped with the tools and methods to improve the quality and safety of care in their health systems. In addition to learning how to use improvement models, they also became familiar with the psychology of behavioral change and change management, which are critical for success.”

As the seminar concluded, it was clear that the knowledge and skills gained over the week would have a lasting impact. Participants left equipped with the tools and methods to improve healthcare quality and safety in their home countries.
We at the Open Medical Institute are proud to facilitate such impactful learning experiences. Our mission to advance global health through education and collaboration continues to thrive thanks to the dedication of our faculty and the enthusiasm of our fellows.

As leaders in healthcare, our duty is to know the challenges every healthcare system faces and envision the solutions to lead our teams through tough times. As human beings, our vision must be to create a planet without tragedies, catastrophes, and inequalities. This seminar was a great step in learning how to move in the right direction.
Tatevik Hovakimyan, MPH

OMI Fellow from Armenia

Dr. Keren and Dr. Hyman’s lectures on sustaining and spreading improvements were particularly impactful, offering strategies to ensure long-term success of healthcare initiatives.
Minh Vu, BSc

OMI Fellow from Vietnam

I particularly enjoyed “The Case for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety” by Dr. Hyman because it sparked many new project ideas that can be executed back home. To have a room full of bright people who were all there for the sole purpose of wanting to do right by our patients motivated me.
Zoleka Mbhele, MD

OMI Fellow from South Africa

The OMI is appreciative beyond words for the support of CHOP and the outstanding faculty of Medical Quality and Safety!