Exploring Pediatric Hematology and Oncology with OMI MEX

May 10, 2024

From May 6 to 8, 2024, Mexico City played host to the OMI MEX CHOP Seminar in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Led by esteemed faculty from the renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Dr. Alix Seif and Dr. Michele P. Lambert, both distinguished figures in their fields, served as course directors, orchestrating an insightful and productive event.

Dr. Seif, an associate professor at the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at CHOP, and Dr. Lambert, an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the same institution, demonstrated exemplary leadership throughout the seminar. Their expertise and guidance ensured a smooth and enriching experience for the fellows.

Joining them were colleagues from CHOP: Dr. Kavita Desai, assistant professor specializing in oncology and neuro-oncology, and Dr. Jason L. Freedman, inpatient medical director of oncology/BMT. Additionally, the seminar featured Dr. Luis Juárez Villegas, Head of the Onco-Hematology Department at the Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital of Mexico, as our Mexican faculty member.

Established in 1855, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has stood as a beacon of excellence in pediatric healthcare for over a century and a half. For its commitment to innovation, research, and compassionate care, CHOP has achieved numerous milestones in advancing pediatric medicine. From pioneering surgical techniques to research discoveries, CHOP remains at the forefront of pediatric healthcare, serving as a model institution for hospitals worldwide.

The seminar delved into a range of topics, including pediatric hematology and oncology. Throughout the seminar, faculty provided in-depth insights, shared latest research findings, and engaged participants in interactive discussions, including round table talks and case studies.

“This course covered several key topics in pediatric hematology-oncology with a unique emphasis on both malignant and classical hematology. Experts from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez reviewed both current and emerging strategies for diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of diseases, including acute leukemias, neuroblastoma, cancer-associated thrombosis, and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. In addition, experts presented comprehensive lectures on stem cell transplantation, supportive care, and palliative care.” stated the course directors, Dr. Seif and Dr. Lambert.

The seminar, which was the first of four courses planned in collaboration with CHOP this year in Mexico, showcased the commitment to advancing medical education and fostering international partnerships. The upcoming seminars in Mexico City will cover Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and Medical Leadership, respectively.

In a joint statement, Dr. Seif and Dr. Lambert remarked, “As course directors, the opportunity to meet, teach, and learn from a diverse group of OMI fellows was a sincere pleasure, honor, and privilege. The OMI MEX fellows were engaged, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, warm, and so clearly dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients and to learning and improving their care. We also enjoyed collaborating with our outstanding local faculty colleagues – we hope to keep in touch with the fellows and faculty to continue this fulfilling collaboration.”

I intend to share the valuable knowledge I gained at the seminar with other colleagues of residency in Colombia. The literature and tools provided by the faculty will greatly improve my care for the patients, and will allow me to address and identify clinical conditions sooner.
Diego Fernando Chaparro Arce, MD

OMI MEX fellow from Colombia

I learned a lot about the importance of palliative and supportive care. These are topics that professionals in my area don’t usually think about, but can certainly improve the medical attention we give to patients.
Zaira Leticia Chu Martínez, MD

OMI MEX fellow from Mexico

I was able to meet many different oncologists and hematologists that work in different parts of Mexico, and my interaction with the faculty from CHOP was a huge privilege.
Isaac Saba, MD

OMI MEX fellow from Mexico

The OMI extends a heartfelt gratitude to all participants and collaborators for their contributions to the success of the seminar. As we continue to expand our presence in Mexico and Latin America along with AMSA, we are honored to collaborate with leading institutions like CHOP to further our mission of promoting quality medical education worldwide.