OMI Hosts First Cardiology Seminar in Mexico

Mar 12, 2024

This week, the OMI kicked off the first of thirteen OMI MEX seminars scheduled for 2024.

None other than Dr. Robert J. Kim from Weill Cornell Medicine, who has been involved with the OMI in Salzburg since 2007, teaching numerous cardiology courses, led this very first cardiology seminar in Mexico.

The course, which was held from March 4-6, 2024, at the beautiful campus of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City, focused on the treatment and management of patients with atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and valvular disease. The expert faculty, including subspecialists from interventional cardiology, advanced heart failure and transplants, and cardiac electrophysiologists, were keen on sharing their knowledge with the 22 fellows during this three-day event.

Amongst the fellows were 12 from Mexico City, two from Toluca, two from Tecamac, and two from Puebla. Furthermore, there was one fellow each from Iztapalapa, Naucalpan de Juárez, Orizaba, and San Quintin. The participants came together to share medical expertise, to discuss fascinating case presentations, and to exchange interesting ideas during a round table session.

Dr. Kim explains that “Visiting Mexico City to lead the first Cardiology OMI MEX seminar was a fabulous experience! Over the course of three days, we were able to sample some of the history and culinary excellence of this amazing city, while also sharing and learning about the challenges we face in delivering high quality healthcare in both of our countries. It was a pleasure to meet the fellows and hear some presentations and engage in lively discussions around our talks. We were impressed by some of the amazing facilities and complex medical care being offered in the city, while also understanding that challenges remain in expanding high-quality care beyond its borders. We certainly hope to continue the mission of OMI MEX in the years to come with many more seminars and many more fellows!”

Participants had the unique opportunity to present interesting cases, which were moderated by the faculty, and to engage in discussions with them over meals and coffee breaks.

“I had the opportunity to listen to top-level presentations and overcome the fear of presenting my first clinical case in front of an audience and in another language, which was a great satisfaction for me.”

Dr. Marina Márquez Abreu

OMI MEX Fellow from Mexico City

“My favorite presentation on the first day was rhythm management of atrial fibrillation. I had the opportunity to clarify important doubts, which will be useful for my clinical practice.”

Dr. Dulce Angelica Mendieta Duran

OMI MEX Fellow from Tecamac

“I could learn many different things that to this day are not available in Mexico, or that are under development. This gave me a totally new perspective of how I can give treatment options to my patients.”

Dr. Manuel Martinez Ramos-Mendez

OMI MEX Fellow from Mexico City

We would like to thank our wonderful faculty from the USA and Mexico, Drs. Robert J. Kim, David T. Majure, Robert M. Minutello, George Thomas, and Diego Araiza-Garaygordobil, as well as our local partner AMSA for their effort and look forward to a bright future filled with yet more seminars in Mexico!