Trauma and Emergency Surgeons Gather in Salzburg

Feb 16, 2024

Stopping severe bleeding or the spread of sepsis, dealing with end of life issues, and tending to fracture and orthopedic injuries are only some of the tasks that trauma and emergency surgeons come across on a daily basis.

The medical professionals are trained to provide immediate lifesaving care for patients suffering severe injury with the highest level of expertise, compassion, and resources. Their goal is not only to save lives, but also to provide definitive care to restore function and return patients to their normal lives.

Remarkably, during this week’s seminar in Trauma and Emergency Surgery 13 experts were present to share their knowledge, making this one of the biggest groups of faculty members to have led OMI seminars!

Dr. Robert J. Winchell, from Weill Cornell Medicine, and Dr. Harald K. Widhalm, from the Medical University of Vienna, guided the course from February 11-17, 2024. Dr. Andre Campbell (University of California San Francisco), Dr. Richard Crevenna, Dr. Thomas Freude, Dr. Klaus U. Klein, Dr. Johannes Leitgeb, Dr. Daniel R. Margulies (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles), Dr. Roman Metzger, Dr. Irene Souter and Dr. George C. Velmahos (Massachusetts General Hospital), Dr. Florian Wichlas, and last, but not least, Dr. Gerald E. Wozasek made up the rest of the cohort.

This week’s course content focused on advanced techniques and protocols essential for managing critical cases. Topics included rapid assessment and intervention for trauma patients, surgical approaches for life-threatening injuries, and decision-making strategies in high-pressure situations. By emphasizing evidence-based practices and the latest innovations, the course aimed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide optimal care in trauma and emergency surgical settings.

During three remarkable case presentation sessions and lively discussions, the 34 fellows from 29 countries shared cases from their own clinical practices.

Dr. Widhalm states: “Unlike other programs, OMI emphasizes practical skill development alongside theoretical knowledge. Fellows actively participate, engage with expert faculty, and present cases from their home countries, providing insights into the standard of treatment across diverse healthcare systems. It is always a special experience to be able to spend this week here in Salzburg in an exceptionally great atmosphere”.

Having come from a low resource community, these interactions with exceptional doctors challenged and inspired me to share the conditions of my setting and get advice.
Talemwa Kenneth, MD

OMI fellow from Uganda

Dr. Winchell’s contributions were truly memorable and contributed significantly to my learning experience during the seminar.
Anh Luong, MD

OMI fellow from Viet Nam

This was a unique opportunity to get answers to questions I couldn’t find the answer to, in an intellectual atmosphere, by top experts.
Avdo Kurtović, MD

OMI fellow from Bosnia and Herzegovina