OMI and University of Medicine, Tirana, Albania Establish Partnership!

Feb 5, 2024

We’ve got exciting news for you!

The Open Medical Institute fosters its global partnership network and strengthens its support for the medical community by establishing partnership agreements with international universities and medical centers.

On February 2, 2024, one of such partnership agreements was signed! The Open Medical Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Medicine, Tirana located in Tirana, Albania.

The University of Medicine is known for its important mission, which is to “transmit knowledge and prepare health professionals who practice optimal patient care, with the aim of preventing and treating diseases and advancing scientific research for the benefit of health.” The institution seeks to inspire and promote innovations in the field of medical sciences and to educate the future leaders in the field of medicine. The university’s missions align with the OMI’s goals, which further strengthens their partnership.

The University Hospital Centre “Mother Teresa”, which is associated with the University of Medicine, Tirana, is the largest medical center hospital located in Tirana, Albania. The hospital is of great significance because it is one of the primary institutions that the Albanian OMI fellows work at. The hospital, amongst others, will now be incorporated into the partnership agreement, meaning that the OMI programs will be increasingly promoted locally, and the education of local healthcare professionals will be encouraged.

Thus far, the OMI has awarded 792 fellowships and 114 observerships to Albanian physicians, over 500 of whom are from Tirana.

Special thanks go out to our local coordinator, Dr. Eglantina Dema, a gynecologist and an OMI alumna, for ensuring a smooth operation on the Albanian side of our partnership! Dr. Dema’s continued efforts are evident in the increase in Albanian fellows present at various OMI seminars and in the fellows’ continued excitement to share their newly gained knowledge with their colleagues back home after completing an OMI course.

Here is to the partnership between the OMI and the University of Medicine, Tirana! Their joint future will surely be filled with many more joyous OMI fellows, who cannot wait to share their seminar experiences with their peers and to improve their patients’ care!