Course Announcement: OMI MEX MSKCC Seminar in Hematologic Malignancies

Jun 22, 2023

Are you interested in a unique opportunity for professional development? Join the Open Medical Institute in Mexico to learn from experts in your field!

  • Date: October 9-11, 2023
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Seminar in English
  • Application Deadline: September 18, 2023

The Open Medical Institute plans a seminar in Mexico City designed to share knowledge about Hematologic Malignancies. The seminar is held over two and a half days and allows for intense interaction with attendees through lectures, discussions, and case presentations.

It is not only geared towards oncologists, hematologists, and pediatric oncologists, including those in training, but also provides information for general oncologists who treat patients with hematologic malignancies. The topics are presented during 45-minute lecture followed by a 15- minute Q&A session and discussion. The objectives of the course are to review the etiology, diagnostic work-up, and management for various hematologic malignancies. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for the attendees to present brief clinical cases during two afternoon sessions.

The covered topics include updates on CML, MPN (MF, PV, ET), AML, MDS, upfront therapy for multiple myeloma as well as relapsed and refractory myeloma, advances in follicular lymphoma management, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma management, mantle cell lymphoma management, and Hodgkin lymphoma management, as well as transplants for older patients with myeloid leukemias and reducing relapses and toxicity after transplant.

Please apply here!