25th Anniversary of OMI Azerbaijan

Dec 7, 2022

Let’s celebrate! On November 23, 2022, the OMI Azerbaijan held a reception at the Landmark Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan to commemorate its 25th anniversary. 60 Azerbaijanian doctors who have attended OMI seminars in Salzburg were at the event, sharing memories, great food, music, and dancing the night away!

Bahar Haji-zada, the OMI local coordinator in Azerbaijan, spoke about the history of the OMI seminars, shared the impressive number of 595 provided fellowships for Azerbaijan, and reviewed the successes related to involvement with the OMI. Bahar encouraged the promotion of the OMI programs and empowered new doctors to apply. Finally, she expressed a big thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky and all the staff of the OMI for the commitment and hard work towards medical education beyond borders. We would like to thank Bahar for her continuous support!