Arenberg Benefit 2022: Medicine for the World

Aug 19, 2022

What a lovely gathering! On Thursday, August 18, 2022, the Salzburg Stiftung der American Austrian Foundation hosted a social benefit at Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg, Austria.

After a nice welcome by  Heinrich Spängler, President of the Salzburg Stiftung der AAF, Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky, OMI CEO, introduced the Open Medical Institute and explained the initiative’s mission.

The OMI then shared four success stories of fellows from Slovakia, Mongolia, Mexico, and Tanzania.

Dr. Lubica Kováčiková from Bratislava, Slovakia joined the event in-person and talked about her OMI journey, the establishment of the pediatric cardiac center in Bratislava, which has saved hundreds of children’s lives, and the fruitful cooperation with the OMI and CHOP.

Dr. Byambasuren Luvsandagva from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia highlighted the impact that the OMI had on the Mongolian ENT healthcare sector via a video message. Dr. Gerd Rasp, Chairman of the ENT Department at the General Hospital of Salzburg and OMI course director, described the successful implementation of cochlear implant surgery in Mongolia, which has given the gift of hearing to many children and adults.

Stephanie Faschang, Executive Director of the Salzburg Stiftung der AAF, talked about the OMI’s expansion into Mexico and its partnership with Alianza Médica para la Salud. OMI fellow, Dr. Guillermo Delgado García from Mexico described his OMI seminar experience in 2018 and how his participation has impacted his professional development.

Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky introduced Dr. Remigius Rugakingila from Dodoma, Tanzania, who established a urological department at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital with the help of the OMI.

After this interesting excursion to different parts of the world and into different fields of medicine, guests were invited to listen to a chamber music concert performed by members of the Vienna Philharmonic, Daniel Froschauer (violin), Hannah Cho (violin), Sebastian Führlinger (viola), and Bernhard Hedenborg (violoncello). It was a great honor to listen to these amazing musicians live at Schloss Arenberg.

Subsequently, the event continued with a walking lunch, offering guests the opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas and experiences in the beautiful setting of Schloss Arenberg. The benefit concluded with a guided tour through the current Leica exhibition “danse avec moi!” by the photographer Georges Yammine himself.

Thank you for a wonderful event and for supporting the OMI!