Maastricht University OMInar in Health Communication and Health Promotion: From Theory to Practice

Nov 26, 2021

Due to another countrywide lockdown in Austria, this week’s Maastricht University course in Health Communication and Health Promotion: From Theory to Practice was converted into a three-day, interactive OMInar.

The faculty consisted of Dr. Hein de Vries, a Professor in Health Communication at Maastricht University, who served as the course director, Dr. Ilse Mesters, Associate Professor of Health Sciences at Maastricht University, participated as the co-course director, and Dr. Juliana Mejía Trujillo, Director of Prevention at Corporación Nuevos Rumbos, was the third faculty member.

We owe a special thanks to the entire faculty for their motivation and commitment to convert a weeklong schedule of lectures into a three-day OMInar, which still provided the fellows with all the knowledge they need to improve health communication and health promotion. Topics covered ranged from health promotion planningawarenesssocial influences, to program development and more.

This OMInar is  part of the OMI leadership program. It provides complementary education in areas which are important for successful medical leadership, medical education, and public health and is designed to enable the OMI alumni to take leading positions in the healthcare systems of their home countries.

29 fellows from 21 various countries partook in this OMInar. A heartfelt thank you also to our fellows who were flexible enough to participate for several hours online!