OMI Renews Partnership with Medical University of Plovdiv

Jun 7, 2021

The Open Medical Institute has renewed its partnership with the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky, founder and CEO of the Open Medical Institute, says that the OMI is thrilled about this continued partnership formally dating back to 2014.

“Considering our common interest in fostering knowledge transfer and experience exchange among healthcare professionals, building capacity for local empowerment, and improving the quality of healthcare services, we agreed on developing and expanding our academic and scientific cooperation.”

The renewed agreement allows the Medical University of Plovdiv to nominate ten qualified physicians per year to participate in the OMI Seminars. In addition, an OMI Satellite Symposium or OMI Visiting Professorship will be held annually at the Medical University of Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is the second largest city of Bulgaria. It is considered an important economic, transport, cultural, and educational center. The Medical University in Plovdiv was established in 1945. It includes the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, a department of languages and specialized training, as well as a medical college and a hospital with 2,000 beds.

There are three more medical universities in Bulgaria: the Medical University of Sofia, the Medical University Pleven and the Medical University Varna.

In total, more than 450 Bulgarian fellows have participated in OMI courses and more than 130 observerships have been awarded to date.

Dilyana Vicheva, MD

Dilyana Vicheva, MD

As a representative of the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Vice Rector of International Relations and Project Management, it is an honor to have a renewed partnership and shared activities with OMI, Austria. As an otorhinolaryngologist and former participant in the seminars organized by the AAF, I think that all the activities of OMI are innovative, helpful, scientific and educational for all young doctors from different fields.

The organized courses are updated annually which attract new participants from different countries. The opportunity for on-site education in different Austrian hospitals enables the young doctors, residents, and specialists to gain clinical scientific and educational experience in order to implement new technologies and operative techniques in their daily activities. MU Plovdiv expresses personal gratitude to the executive director Stephanie Faschang and Dr. Wolfgang Aulitzky, as well as readiness for a long-lasting partnership in order to support and further develop our future mutual projects and activities.

 We are looking forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation!