26th Annual Diagnostic Imaging Seminar

Oct 16, 2020

Course director Dr. David W. Trost from Weill Cornell Medicine and co-course director Dr. Franz Kainberger from the Medical University of Vienna led this week’s seminar pertaining to Diagnostic Imaging. The thirteen faculty members included colleagues from Weill Cornell Medicine, the Medical University of Vienna, the General Hospital of Salzburg, and the University Hospital of Zurich.

Throughout the week, 16 fellows coming from seven different countries had the chance to learn the latest in the field of Diagnostic Imaging. On Tuesday and Thursday, participants took part in ultrasound workshops led by Dr. Kainberger, Dr. Huber, and Dr. Platzgummer and supported by Siemens.

The participants also had the opportunity to present cases from their own practices. Faculty and fellows discussed and examined each individual case, expanding their knowledge and experience to take back to their home countries.

On Friday evening, the participants and faculty celebrated their accomplishments of the week at the farewell dinner, including the seven cases selected for the OMI Case Library as well as the improvements on the seminar test. The course was highly successful, as evidenced by the 42.2% increase from pre- to post-seminar test scores.

Click here to visit the OMI E-Learning Platform. It gives the OMI alumni free access to the content of the OMI seminars in Salzburg.