Caring for Children with Urologic Disorders

Apr 5, 2024

The Division of Urology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a world leader in pediatric urology, offering specialized care for a wide range of urologic disorders in children and adolescents. The OMI had the pleasure to host not only medical professionals from CHOP, but also from the esteemed Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy, in Linz, Austria, from March 31 – April 6, 2024 for the Pediatric Urology seminar.

The week was spent taking an in depth look at nearly all aspects of pediatric urology. Given its blend between medical and surgical management, in topics ranging from urinary incontinence to hypospadias, there was a lot of ground to cover. One new addition this year were multiple intraoperative video sessions, which provided a unique perspective for each of the presenting faculty members and a bird’s eye view for the fellows.

Dr. Christopher J. Long from CHOP, who has been involved with the OMI for years, led the course for the first time together with Dr. Josef Oswald from the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy, Linz. The faculty cohort consisted of Drs. Katherine Fischer, Manuela Hiess, and Jason Van Batavia. The professionals were willing to share their knowledge about children’s urological conditions and their treatment with the fellows.

When asked about his experience as a member of the faculty, Dr. Long explains that “This conference is truly a unique experience to learn medicine from all corners of the world. Each time I have been here I have been able to broaden my own perspective of pediatric urology.”

The 29 participants from 22 countries were eager to learn more about bladder issues, hydronephrosis, and disorders of sex development, amongst other topics, all of which are ailments that children can struggle with.

The fellows arrived from distant countries, including Mexico, North Macedonia, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan to attend the seminar. The dynamic group had the chance to present one of their own clinical cases during three case presentation periods on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Presenting and listening to their colleagues present their cases gave the young medics unique glimpses into the varying practices and patient care of pediatric urology around the globe. This led to animated discussions and knowledge exchange.

One of this week’s highlights were the intraoperative video sessions, which took place on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday! During these sessions, the fellows could watch the faculty perform surgical procedures. The experts also took their time to explain the shown procedures and answer all questions posed by the fellows during discussion sessions that followed the videos.

After an intellectually enriching day on Thursday, the group enjoyed a classical music concert with pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Alexander Scriabin.

Natalija Cokleska Shuntov, MD

Natalija Cokleska Shuntov, MD

OMI Fellow from North Macedonia

“I found the lecture about cryptorchidism by Dr. Van Batavia especially interesting and incredibly valuable. I also joined the discussion because my PhD thesis is closely related to the topic.”
Jekaterina Nerman, MD

Jekaterina Nerman, MD

OMI Fellow from Estonia

“We had the opportunity to watch surgical videos, which was fantastic and allowed us to compare the faculty’s techniques to our own. These visual demonstrations were invaluable for refining our surgical skills and staying up to date with the latest practices.”