Prioritizing Women’s Health!

Mar 8, 2024

Obstetrics and Gynecology are defined as a branch of medicine that specializes in the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth and in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs. Some specific topics are illnesses during pregnancy, hormone problems, child delivery procedures, and maternal mortality.

Since 1996, the OMI runs an annual OB/GYN seminar in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine. It is Weill Cornell Medicine’s combined dedication to breakthrough discovery, advanced training, and excellence in patient care that gives their OB/GYN team its reputation as a provider of leading-edge women’s healthcare. The Medical University of Vienna is known for being a national and international reference center and for the fact that its aim to provide the highest level of service, not only to guarantee optimum patient care and top-level research but also to teach in accordance with its new and innovative program. Hence, it is easy to understand that the fellows were thrilled to hear from these top experts.

The seminar, which took place from March 3-9,2024, addressed important issues in obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine. Faculty from Weill Cornell Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna focused on conditions affecting pregnant women, addressing topics such as maternal mortality, diabetes, hypertension, perinatal mood disorders, and prenatal diagnosis of fetal disease. Fellows were exposed to the latest evidence-based diagnostic and management strategies for a broad range of conditions affecting pregnant women.

These aspects were part of the course curriculum, and these insights will help the 35 fellows from 25 countries improve their future practice habits and patient care as well as educate their peers in their home countries.

Course director Dr. Stephen T. Chasen, co-course director Dr. Petra Kohlberger, alongside Dr. Dieter Bettelheim, Dr. Alex Farr, Dr. Hanns P. Helmer, Dr. Elisabeth Krampl-Bettelheim, Dr. Inna V. Landres, Dr. Petra Pateisky, Dr. Jessica Scholl, as well as Dr. Emilie L. Vander Haar taught the course on women’s health.

Dr. Scholl from Weill Cornell Medicine states that she feels “so fortunate to have met new colleagues from all over the world with the shared goal of advancing women’s healthcare. The collaboration and enthusiasm among all participants have been truly inspiring. Learning and teaching in the idyllic city of Salzburg has enriched the experience even further!”

Notable during this course were not only the expert faculty’s talks on an extensive array of topics, including “Fetal Care Centers and Management of Fetal Anomalies”, “Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy”, “Cervical Insufficiency”, and “Vacuum Delivery”, but also the hands-on training sessions focusing on vacuum assisted delivery and various invasive diagnostic procedures. Vacuum extraction is one kind of assisted delivery procedure that can help get a baby through the birth canal. A vacuum extractor applies suction and traction to the baby’s head to help pull it out while the mother pushes.

“The day’s highlight proved to be the simulation training! With two stations to investigate, I got the opportunity to learn from professionals about vacuum delivery techniques.”

Dr. Gemechu Suffa

OMI Fellow from Ethiopia

“The lecture “Carrier Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis of Single Gene Disorders” by Dr. Scholl broadened my perspective on the various possibilities available for the utilization of new technologies.”

Dr. Viviana Matulić

OMI Fellow from Croatia

“The idea of me learning from the most famous doctors in the world was unimaginable until this OMI seminar made it real!”

Dr. Anuka Chonishvili

OMI Fellow from Georgia