Movement is Medicine!

Jan 19, 2024

From January 14-20, 2024, the OMI hosted a dynamic group of rehabilitation medicine experts from Weill Cornell Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna.

The seminar was led by course director Dr. Jaspal R. Singh and co-course director Dr. Richard Crevenna. The young newcomers Dr. Vandana Sood and Dr. Akinpelu Akitola Beckley worked alongside the long-time faculty members Dr. Nasim A. Chowdhury, Dr. Gerold Ebenbichler, Dr. Mohammad Keilani, Dr. Katharina Kerschan-Schindl, and Dr. Othmar Schuhfried.

The 31 fellows from 21 countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Russia, Ethiopia, and Portugal, learned about the different healthcare systems in each other’s respective home countries, attentively listened to lectures, and proudly presented their medical cases.

The seminar covered a diverse range of topics related to various aspects of rehabilitation and pain management. Discussions on back pain highlighted the latest research, diagnostic approaches, and treatment modalities, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach for effective patient care. Cancer rehabilitation sessions focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by cancer survivors, including physical and emotional aspects, with an emphasis on improving quality of life.

Furthermore, neurorehabilitation delved into the advancements of innovative therapies to enhance recovery of patients with neurological disorders. Approaches to managing discomfort in expectant mothers and osteoporosis were also significant themes at the seminar. Overall, the conference provided a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in rehabilitation, fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals.

A highlight of the seminar was the two ultrasound workshops, which presented the fellows with the unique chance of hands-on training. Dr. Chowdhury explained that the purpose of the ultrasound workshops was “to provide every fellow with the opportunity to practice using an ultrasound machine We were able to discuss the basics of sonographic evaluation and more advanced evaluation of other parts of the body.”

Course director Dr. Singh, from Weill Cornell Medicine, stated: “The OMI seminars hold profound significance for me as they serve as a nexus of knowledge exchange and networking within the dynamic field of Rehabilitation Medicine. Engaging with fellows and peers not only fosters collaboration, but also provides invaluable opportunities to share experiences and discuss challenging cases. It is this synergy that reinforces the commitment of the OMI to deliver high quality and evidence-based care to patients across the world.”

Dr. Lilit Avetisyan

Dr. Lilit Avetisyan

OMI Fellow from Armenia

“The course has not only expanded my skills but has also instilled a renewed confidence in addressing complex rehabilitation challenges, making it an invaluable investment in my professional growth.”

Dr. Zhanykmyrza Bakiridin Kyzy

Dr. Zhanykmyrza Bakiridin Kyzy

OMI Fellow from Kyrgyzstan

“I work in a country where rehabilitation is at a rudimentary level, but here I received support and inspiration, new knowledge, and networking opportunities with international colleagues.”

Dr. Ana Vrbanović

Dr. Ana Vrbanović

OMI Fellow from Croatia

“During the ultrasound workshop, we all had an equal opportunity to practice examining the shoulder and the knee under the detailed guidance from the faculty.”