New Year, New Course

Jan 2, 2024

The OMI is pleased to announce an additional course for the 2024 leadership program!

The Salzburg Maastricht University Seminar in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare will take place from November 24-30, 2024 in Salzburg, Austria.

There are many health services that can be provided, but only finite resources with which to provide them. Inevitably, choices must be made. How do we decide? Health economics provides a framework for making decisions based on maximizing outcomes from available resources. Understanding what an economic evaluation is, how to interpret it, and what it means for making choices in a healthcare system are vital to make and influence decisions about health resource allocation. For a practicing clinician, economic evaluation studies may seem  very complex, but for OMI alumni, these inticate topics will be clear and simple to understand after completing the Economic Evaluation in Healthcare course!

We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting opportunity to OMI alumni who are interested in strengthening their leadership skills. Apply now!