Diagnostic Imaging: It’s Not All Black and White

Nov 3, 2023

Diagnostic imaging has become a key role in medicine today, allowing for earlier diagnoses of medical conditions, reducing invasive processes, and resulting in better patient outcomes. As leaders in their fields, radiologists from Weill Cornell Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna provide only the highest quality diagnostic radiology services to their patients. This week, from October 29 to November 4, 2023, the Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar in Diagnostic Imaging took place at Schloss Arenberg. Dr. David W. Trost, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and Director of Interventional Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, served as the course director for the week, marking a big milestone is his OMI journey, his 25th participation in an OMI course! Dr. Franz Kainberger, Deputy Chief of the Division of Neuroradiology & Musculoskeletal Radiology, Medical Director of the Computer Image Analysis (CIR), and Deputy Director of the Medical School at the Medical University of Vienna, worked alongside Dr. Trost as the co-course director.

David W. Trost, MD

David W. Trost, MD

OMI Course Director

I am very honored to have been associated with the Open Medical Institute for the past 25 years. I have personally witnessed the advancement of diagnostic imaging in the countries that the OMI serves. I am very proud to say that many of the fellows have gone on to become leaders in the field in their own countries.

Expert faculty members from the USA, Austria, and Switzerland came together to offer 33 fellows from 26 countries a variety of enriching topics. 27 didactic lectures were presented, including topics such as Red Flags in Back Pain, Tendon Overuse and Injuries, Facial and Neck Trauma, Shoulder Instability, MRI Safety, and more. Additionally, one faculty member started each day by presenting their own case presentations, allowing fellows a glimpse into their daily work experiences.
  • 33 fellows
  • 26 countries
  • 2 ultrasound workshop sessions in cooperation with Siemens

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the fellows were able to present case presentations from their personal work back home, which allowed everyone to see various scenarios from different parts of the world. The faculty chose seven excellent cases to be portrayed on the OMI e-learning platform. This week’s radiology fellows also had the unique opportunity to take their diagnostic abilities to the next level. Expert faculty members Dr. Suren Jengojan and Dr. Florian Huber introduced our international cohort to nerve ultrasound and the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound for interventional procedures. Fellows were split into two groups so to ensure that the experience could be a bit more personal and hands-on. We are grateful to Siemens for supplying the technology needed for this workshop, and we are thankful for our committed faculty for making this seminar possible!


  • David W. Trost, MD
  • Franz Kainberger, MD
  • Manjil Chatterji, MD
  • Rosemarie Forstner, MD, PhD
  • Klaus Hergan, MD
  • Florian A. Huber, MD
  • Shari T. Jawetz, MD
  • Suren Armeni Jengojan, MD
  • Ammar Mallouhi, MD, MBA
  • Helmut Prosch, MD
  • Andrew D. Schweitzer, MD
  • Gerlig Widmann, MD, PD, MSc, EBIR, FCIRSE

During the ultrasound workshop, we attempted a biopsy under ultrasound control with Dr. Huber, who was very patient and guided us every step of the way. Dr. Jengojan then took us through the less-explored world of peripheral nerve imaging and showed us the pearls and pitfalls of nerve assessment. It was a great experience!

Magdalena Belyanova, MD

OMI fellow from Bulgaria

What I appreciate about the OMI seminars is the opportunity to communicate personally and openly with high-end lecturers throughout the week, as the faculty stay with us at Schloss Arenberg.

Mariliis Tiidermann, MD

OMI fellow from Estonia

The OMI does an amazing job toward improving and strengthening physicians’ professional knowledge so we can promote and advance patients’ health to our best capacities. Faculty members provided up-to-date, evidence-based information on diagnostic and interventional radiology. In addition, it was helpful to hear and share experiences with international colleagues.

Flaka Pasha, MD

OMI fellow from Kosovo