Earlier Diagnoses, Less Invasive Processes, and Better Patient Outcomes

Dec 16, 2022

Diagnostic imaging technology has transformed healthcare, allowing for earlier diagnoses, reducing invasive exploratory processes, and creating better patient outcomes. Weill Cornell’s radiology department believes it is their responsibility to be at the forefront of scientific investigation, to educate future leaders, advance medicine, and deliver high quality, safe care to each patient. This week, the Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar in Diagnostic Imaging took place for the 27th time at Schloss Arenberg from December 11-17, 2022. The course included an incredibly diverse group, 36 fellows from 28 countries!

Dr. David W. Trost, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and Director of Interventional Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, served as the course director for the week, marking his 24th participation in an OMI seminar. Dr. Franz Kainberger, Associate Professor of Radiology in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Medical University of Vienna, co-led the course and attended for the 13th time. Additional faculty from Weill Cornell Medicine included Dr. Lily M. Belfi, Dr. Alan C. Legasto, and Dr. John Tsiouris. European faculty included Dr. Suzanne E. Anderson and Dr. Florian A. Huber from Switzerland, Dr. Petra Steyerova from the Czech Republic, and Dr. Klaus Hergan, Dr. Gregor Kasprian, Dr. Marius E. Mayerhoefer, Dr. Hannes Platzgummer, Dr. Peter Pokieser, Dr. Helmut Prosch, Dr. Erich Sorantin, Dr. Gerlig Widmann, and Dr. Florian Wolf from Austria.

The faculty put together a compact and exciting program for the fellows! The schedule included 27 didactic lectures, covering topics such as Sports Imaging, Abdominal Imaging in Surgical Patients, Temporal Bone and Skull Base Imaging, CNS Infection, Uncommon Interventional Procedures, and more! Fellows’ case presentations took place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons, in which participants could share cases from their own personal work experience. This is always an exciting time for fellows, receiving feedback from faculty and insight into other countries’ healthcare systems. This week, six cases were selected by the faculty to be published on the OMI’s online case library.

Exciting ultrasound workshops took place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Fellows were divided into two groups and focused on ultrasound guided biopsy and peripheral nerve ultrasound. They had the opportunity to practice these techniques under supervision, as well as learned how they can implement them in their own practices back home. We are grateful to Siemens for supplying the technology needed for this workshop.

Aside from an intense academic schedule, fellows and faculty were able to enjoy a free afternoon on Wednesday, allowing for some time for themselves. Many fellows visited the Salzburg Christmas markets, explored surrounding areas, or simply enjoyed walking in the snow and seeing the beautiful winter scenery. Faculty visited the nearby lake district, taking a boat ride on Lake Wolfgang and seeing the beautiful Christmas markets in the small, lakeside villages. Thursday evening offered faculty and fellows an outstanding chamber music concert, held right here in Schloss Arenberg. Lastly, the course concluded Friday evening with a lovely three-course dinner and a graduation ceremony in which the fellows received their certificates of participation.