Observership Program: November 2022

Nov 30, 2022

During the month of November, the OMI was glad to welcome observers from eight different countries to Austria.

Five fellows completed their observerships at the General Hospital of Vienna. From the Czech Republic, Dr. Michal Holešta completed an observership in Radiology, while Dr. Lukáš Wagenknecht observed the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department. Dr. Anush Barkhudaryan started the second month of her three-month-research observership in Cardiology, working closely with the heart failure working group. The OMI was also happy to welcome Dr. Alexander Najarov from Georgia in the Neurosurgery department, in which his case study focused on facial nerve preservation technique during the resection of a large vestibular Schwannoma.

Dr. Otabek Tursunov completed his three-month-observership in Cardiac Surgery, focusing on open myectomy in patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy.

I witnessed new types of techniques in Cardiac surgery which will be the cornerstone of my career. Management and deep care of patients in my hospital could be improved with the help of my experience from this observership.

Otabek Tursunov , MD

OMI observer from Uzbekistan

The University Clinic Graz welcomed two observers in the Neonatology department: Dr. Zlatina Pandelieva from Bulgaria and Dr. Oxana Turcanu from Moldova. At the General Hospital of Salzburg, Dr. Rima Ibadova observed in the Neurology department, while Dr. Dmitry Kogay from Kazakhstan focused on Otolaryngology.

I think that both OMI seminars and observerships are great. They give us knowledge and opportunities in different ways. During the seminars, we learn about the latest news in our professional field, and during the observership, we get an opportunity to see it in practice.

Rima Ibadova, MD

OMI observer from Azerbaijan

The observers also had the opportunity to attend several social events, which gave them a better understanding of the history of medicine in Austria and opened the possibility for more networking.

I have very much liked the tours and dinners during my observership as well as the chance to meet colleagues from different countries. I would like to thank the whole OMI team for such a wonderful opportunity. I appreciate the effort to build communication and connection between medical professionals throughout the world.

Otabek Tursunov , MD

OMI observer from Uzbekistan