OMI MEX Columbia University Seminar in Diabetes

Sep 8, 2022

The OMI MEX Columbia University Seminar in Diabetes took place in Mexico City, Mexico from September 6-8, 2022. 25 fellows from all over Mexico attended the three-day course, listening to 11 didactic lectures that included topics such as History of Diabetes, Epidemiology of Diabetes in Mexico and Globally, Insulin Therapy, Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes in Pregnancy, Inpatient Management of Diabetes, and more. Three hours were dedicated to fellows’ case presentations.

The course was led by Dr. Robin S. Goland, Co-Director of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and J. Merrill Eastman Professor of Clinical Diabetes at Columbia University. Additional faculty included Dr. Jacqueline Lonier and Dr. Jacqueline Salas-Spiegel from the USA, as well Dr. Sergio Hernández-Jiménez from Mexico.