Salzburg Cleveland Clinic Seminar in Cardiac Surgery

Nov 12, 2021

Cleveland Clinic, the leading hospital in the world for cardiology and heart surgery, joined the OMI as a partner in 2007. Since then, the hospital conducts a seminar in cardiac surgery once every year.

This year’s course was directed by Dr. Edward G. Soltesz (Cleveland Clinic) for the 12th time. He was supported by co-course directors Dr. Nikolaos J. Skubas (Cleveland Clinic) and Dr. Guenther Laufer (Medical University of Vienna). Dr. Kevin E. Hodges (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Marek P. Ehrlich, Dr. Cesar Khazen, Dr. Alfred Kocher, and Dr. Dominik Wiedemann (Medical University of Vienna), as well as Nuno Raposo (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi) completed the international faculty.

A highlight of the course was a hands-on wet lab for stepwise dissection of bovine hearts with simultaneous echocardiographic correlation of anatomic structures. It was organized in cooperation with Medtronic, who we owe a special thank you to for organizing the workshop in advance, ensuring a smooth workflow, and eagerly assisting with any questions.

23 fellows from 16 different countries participated in this week’s course and presented cases from their own clinical practice. Five excellent case presentations can now be accessed in the OMI e-learning platform.