Salzburg Weill Cornell/ IAS/ NLA Seminar in Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Risk

Oct 1, 2021

32 fellows from 18 different countries gathered at Schloss Arenberg from September 26 to October 2, 2021, for the OMI’s nineth seminar in Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Risk.

Dr. Antonio M. Gotto Jr., MD, DPhil, Dean Emeritus from Weill Cornell Medicine, attended the seminar for the tenth time, serving as the Course Director. The faculty comprised of Dr. Alan S. Brown, Dr. Rekha B. Kumar, Dr. Khurram Nasir, Dr. Jessica M. Pena, and Dr. Michal Vrablik.

Dr. Gotto and his faculty led a phenomenal course, including an interactive workshop which focused on identification and management of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia. As usual, each fellow presented their own case presentation from their personal work experience, of which seven were selected as excellent case presentations to be highlighted in the OMI Case Library.

This week’s course was co-funded by the the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) and the National Lipid Association (NLA). We were fortunate to have Dr. Emanuela Folco, the Executive Director of IAS, and Dr. Alan S. Brown, the former NLA President, present at Schloss Arenberg for the entire week.

Antonio M. Gotto Jr., MD, DPhil, Dean Emeritus from Weill Cornell Medicine is a long-time OMI supporter who celebrated his 10th OMI anniversary during the seminar week. He has been a mentor and a friend to the OMI founder, Wolfgang Aulitzky, MD, since the beginning of the initiative.


This was one of the most memorable trips for me. I am still thinking about it, and the spirit of giving which comes from this program. I am honored to play a little role in your mission.

Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH

OMI faculty member, Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the invitation! This was a wonderful, highly professional seminar that really pumped up my competencies. I plan to take this topic more deeply upon my return, both in a practical and scientific way.

The seminar gave me the opportunity to build relationships with mentors as well as colleagues from other countries, which will allow us to participate in joint grants and hold multidisciplinary conferences.

The organization of the event, accommodation, catering – everything was at the highest level. I hope we will meet again. I dream of attending more seminars so that I can continue to become a more and more competent specialist!

Mariia Matveeva, MD

OMI fellow, Russian Federation