Salzburg Duke University Seminar in Family Medicine

Sep 24, 2021

In 1995, the American Austrian Foundation approached Duke University Medical Center asking for leadership in the field of community healthcare and family practice. Since then, faculty from the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, a front runner in this area, conduct a seminar in Family Medicine for the OMI, making this week’s seminar the 21st course.

30 fellows from 20 various countries gathered in Salzburg to attend 19 incredible lectures from esteemed faculty.

The Open Medical Institute is excited to welcome a new generation of course directors!

Dr. John W. Ragsdale III assumed the position of Dr. J. Lloyd Michener, who traveled to Salzburg 16 times since 1995 to share his expertise in family medicine and community health with colleagues from around the world. The role of Austrian co-course director was taken over by Prof. Kathryn Hoffmann from the Medical University of Vienna, succeeding Dr. Manfred Maier. The new course directors designed an age-related three-year curriculum including pediatric training, adult medicine, and geriatrics.

We would like to thank Dr.  Michener for his enthusiasm and commitment over the past decades. It has been an honor and privilege to work with him and we are more than grateful for the smooth transition of leadership to the next generation, who shares OMI’s educational philosophy. We are excited about the future of OMI and the dynamic faculty in place to lead the OMI seminars.

And so, with enormous appreciation and thanks for the wonderful times we have had with you, I believe it is time for me to tender my resignation as Director of the OMI Salzburg Medical Seminars in Family Medicine. They have been an important part of my professional and personal life for more than two decades, and I am indebted to you for making them not just possible, but so deeply meaningful.

Dr. J. Lloyd Michener

Dr. John W. Ragsdale III and Prof. Kathryn Hoffman worked together to create a dynamic schedule. The OMI faculty comprised of Dr. Teah M. Bayless, Dr. Jonathan E. Fischer, Dr. Maria de la Cruz Gomez Pellin, Dr. Gregory Sawin, and Dr. Nancy Weigle.

A highlight of the week was the highly interactive, personable workshops which took place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each afternoon, fellows were divided into small groups to focus on motivational interviewing, difficult conversations, and fellows’ case presentations.