Course Announcement: Neurological and Sensory Disorders 2022

Aug 30, 2021

Are you a clinician specialized in Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, or Neurology? We have an amazing course opportunity to share with you!

The Open Medical Institute and its partner insitution, Institut Pasteur, are pleased to invite you to apply to participate in a special course on Neurological and Sensory Disorders: Genes, Pathogenesis and Innovative Therapies, which will take place from March 13 to 19, 2022 at Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg, Austria.

Institut Pasteur is an international research and education center founded in 1887 that stands out in many disciplines. It has gained worldwide recognition for its excellent research and is a leading player in tackling global health threats. In 2017, the Institut Pasteur and its international network, consisting of 33 centers around the world, joined forces with the Open Medical Institute to conduct an annual seminar in Global Health.

This course aims to promote an international exchange on fundamental and medical knowledge and advancements in the field of sensory and neurodegenerative disorders:

  • How our brain and sensory organs work, and what happens when either system fails?
  • Impact of ageing and external factors on our senses and cognition?
  • Conventional and innovative therapies to the sensory and neurological disorders?

Objectives of the course

By bringing together scientists and clinicians with a broad array of expertise, our specific aims will be to:

  • highlight progress and provide up-to-date discoveries and insights in neurological and sensory (e.g. vision & hearing) disorders by inviting select experts in the field.
  • promote and facilitate transversal interactions between basic scientists, translational scientists, and clinicians with related interests and offer networking opportunities with field experts.
  • foster the development of new research ideas through the exchange of concepts and methods between seemingly distinct fields (cognition, hearing and vision) to allow novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for these disorders.

Program of the Course

The program includes keynote lectures, plenary sessions, and four round tables.

  • Session 1: Perception and Cognition in Health
  • Session 2: Neurological Disorders
  • Session 3: Audition and Vision in Health
  • Session 4: Audition- and/or Vision-Related Disorders
  • Session 5: Impact of Aging and External Factors (e.g. noise, light, …) on our Senses and Cognition
  • Session 6: Conventional and Innovative Therapies for Sense and Neurological Disorders

Round tables

  • Open Science: Tools for Neuro-Sensory Precision Medicine
  • Diagnoses of Cognitive and Sensory Rare Diseases and Genetic Counselling
  • Environment and Healthy Aging: (e.g. noise exposure, presbycusis, AMD)
  • Sense and Brain Therapies: Today and Tomorrow

Please note, that the application deadline for this course is October 31, 2021!