New OMI Local Coordinator in Croatia

Jul 27, 2021

The OMI is glad to announce the cooperation with a new local coordinator in Croatia, Zagreb, Dr. Gloria Leksic. Simultaneously, we would like to thank Nica Hecej for her support throughout the years and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

The OMI local coordinators’ activities range from the coordination and promotion of the OMI programs, maintaining relationships with the OMI alumni from Croatia, updating and managing of the OMI fellows’ data in the database, to fundraising activities and submitting regular reports.


Gloria Leksic, MD

Gloria Leksic, MD

Sincerely, I am very excited that from now on I will be the Croatian local coordinator for the OMI. Like any job, this role brings many responsibilities, but I also believe it will bring joy and fulfillment if it is done right. Doctors have a real challenge in this COVID era, stuck in everyday routines, with many patients and duties, scientific activities, private lives, etc…there is always so much to do. I know from my own experience that it is not easy to decide to leave for one week to attend a seminar in another country.

Still, it is exactly this kind of choice that makes us better, causes us to improve our everyday clinical practices, and to enrich our own lives.

When I think of the OMI seminars, including my own experience, I see a wonderful week full of interesting, interactive education. I remember fun coffee breaks where I hung out with colleagues from many different countries, making jokes and having fun. On the other hand, we exchanged so many clinical and “real-life” experiences. On the first day of my OMI seminar, I remember that Prof. Aulitzky said by the end of the week our small group of participants would become friends. To be honest, in that moment I did not really understand what he was talking about, but after the first two days of the seminar, it had already become true.

Hence, when my colleagues ask me about the OMI, I tell them that it is not only education, but it is an “entire experience”.

My goal is to actively find young people who are motivated to improve their medical skills and knowledge, who are optimistic, and ready for a challenge. Technology makes communication easier, and this will be my main tool in spreading the word about the OMI. Nevertheless, I hope this year will bring us better days and that I will be able to directly meet with the OMI prospects face to face.