Jun 23, 2021

Nancy Etzel MSN, CRNP

Nancy Etzel MSN, CRNP

Director of Global Pediatric Education


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is proud to showcase CHOP’s longstanding partnership with the Open Medical Institute in CHOP’s Online Pediatric Education Network, CHOP OPEN.

CHOP was established in 1855 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the first hospital in the United States of America dedicated solely to the care of children. Since the 1990s, CHOP and OMI have partnered to conduct educational programs that share knowledge with colleagues from around the globe to foster their professional growth and reduce brain drain of talented medical professionals. Our partnership in Salzburg continues to strengthen each year, and CHOP faculty now deliver eight clinical and leadership courses annually.

We have long posted the CHOP-OMI lectures online as an educational resource available to clinicians around the world, much like the CHOP Pathways. In the past, these lectures were housed on a site that was tricky to navigate and inaccessible to mobile devices, limiting the access of many potential users around the globe. In January 2020, we started the process of building a new learning management system, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought this need sharply into focus. The new site was launched in November 2020 and has been a robust success.

CHOP OPEN is easy to navigate, accessible from mobile phones and tablets, and provides certificates of completion to its users. Our user base has been enthusiastic and provided us with a great deal of feedback, which we have incorporated into the content and design of the platform.

As of June 2021, CHOP OPEN has more than 3,100 active users, more than 2,800 of which are new users since the platform was launched in November 2020. The CHOP-OMI lectures comprise 344 of the 454 course modules currently accessible on CHOP OPEN, with a menu that allows the user to access the OMI+CHOP curricula represented on the site. The remainder of the content is delivered by CHOP faculty in a variety of academic and clinical settings, including international conferences, clinical podcasts, and interactive Nursing modules.

CHOP faculty and Global Pediatric Education leadership are thrilled to continue our relationship with Dr. Aulitzky, Ms. Faschang and the rest of the OMI team who have made it possible to disseminate this important clinical and leadership knowledge globally.