OMI Alumnus Granted National Academy of Medical Education Award

Feb 15, 2021

The Open Medical Institute and the Alianza Médica para la Salud (AMSA) congratulate OMI alumnus Dr. Jorge Eugenio Valdez-García, who was granted the 2021 “Dr. Alberto Lifshitz Award”.

The recognition is awarded annually by the National Academy of Medical Education Mexico (ACANEMED) to prominent figures in the field of medical education. Acknowledging his trajectory of excellence and his passion and commitment to medical education in Mexico, Dr. Valdez-García was announced as this year’s awardee.

Jorge Eugenio Valdez García, MD

Jorge Eugenio Valdez García, MD

Dean of the School of Medicine at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico)

Dr. Valdez-García specializes in ophthalmology, an area in which consultations, surgeries and treatments have undergone high technological developments. Another one of his passions is medical humanities, in particular medical education. From his point of view, the main challenge for medicine is to be able to reach everyone so that every person has the same level of healthcare education.

Jorge Eugenio Valdez-García was a fellow at the OMI Seminar in Medical Education in 2011. Highly recommended by his local coordinator from Mexico, the course director noted his excellent participation during the course in Salzburg.

We wish Dr. Valdez-García good luck with his new position and are looking forward to staying in touch!