Happy Birthday, AMSA!

Nov 10, 2020

Alianza Médica para la Salud (AMSA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary today!

In 2010, Pablo and Almudena Legorreta founded AMSA, a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Mexico City.

AMSA’s primary goal is to train Mexican doctors and to improve the quality of healthcare in Mexico and Latin America. By following the Open Medical Institute’s educational approach, the program has been as effective in Mexico as it has been in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.

Since the beginning of the collaboration with the OMI in 2010, more than 490 doctors have participated in the OMI seminars in Salzburg. In addition, the OMI faculty has trained more than 1,800 doctors in 36 OMI MEX Seminars in different locations in Mexico.

The Open Medical Institute is proud to partner with AMSA!

¡Muchas felicidades por estos 10 años! Ad multos annos!